Look at life with the eyes of a child. ~ Henri Matisse

2019 Workshops & Fall Retreat

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 Art and Meditation

Ongoing workshop so please call about our schedule. We will start our session with a short reading and meditation followed by  an hour of silent art making or journaling.  We will then regroup to share our process or just listen.  This is meant to be a relaxing and joyful experience. It is my experience that the answers to Life's big questions lie within.  Most of us  truly know what we want to do but never give ourselves enough quiet time to hear the still quite voice inside.  My best  creative ideas come to me in meditation or while I am in nature and not when I am laboring over the answer. 

No experience necessary.  All art supplies, cushions and a snack will be provided.  Text Eileen at 917 3740524 to reserve a spot.  Pay as you go.

Alternative Photography mini-workshops                                        

Creativity workshops in our studio overlooking the Hudson River.  These workshops are short in duration to give students a chance to explore a variety of media.  Projects started in a workshop can be continued in our open studio.   Studio hours change monthly so call first. Private tutorials can be arranged.

Cyanotype Workshop http://www.hudsonrivercreativitylab.com/new-index-1#/home-2

This one-day workshop is an introduction to the first photographic printmaking process, the Cyanotype or blue printing.  We will use the sun as our light source and use botanical specimens & other translucent objects to make one of a kind photograms on light sensitive paper.  Students will learn how to develop their photograms in water as well as tone prints with safe household chemicals.

At the end of our session students will have unique prints on watercolor paper and muslin fabric. cost:  $175 including all materials.

Image Transfer workshop

Image transfer eileen brady Nelson

Image Transfer Workshop

 In this workshop, we will explore the many creative possibilities of the "Polaroid" Transfer Process, using Fuji film.atThis experimental workshop is for all levels. Since some images transfer better than others students should bring a variety of images to choose from including your personal artwork, photos, favorite postcards, etc., no larger than 4x6 inches. As well as making image transfers we will learn how to make emulsion lifts onto watercolor paper and then enhance our images with other media.

Sketchbook Project  

see photos http://www.hudsonrivercreativitylab.com/new-index-1#/new-page-7

In this 3 week workshop we will learn all the tools (coaching and artistic) to complete a personal sketchbook.  In this 6 hour workshop we will discuss & look at artists sketchbooks, decide on a simple book format and theme for our personal sketchbook. --HRCL has a full range of artists materials but  Students are encouraged to bring their personal art or ephemera .



Artist Retreat in Paradise Fall 2019

Dominican Republic photo Eileen Brady Nelson

Art, meditation, yoga, beach, journaling, beach huts, organic food…..and more. Call or Text Eileen for more information and available spots. see photos- http://www.hudsonrivercreativitylab.com/dominican-republic